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18 March 2008

Patras Carnival 2008 Pictures

I was there
Costumed People on Patras Carnival 2008 Sidestreet

The carnival weekend (8./9.3.2008) I was in Patras, where the main event of Greek carnival is taking place. This year I wasn't taking part in the parade, wasn't even dressing up. Instead I had my camera with me and took some pictures. Filled up the camera's chip. I've selected a few of them and put them online in a little gallery, for you to get an impression.

So, just hop over and have a look at my Patras Carnival 2008 Pictures.

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Re: Patras Carnival 2008 Pictures

Thanks for the pictures.

I had a really nice time there, and nice to meet you there :D

Posted by: graffic at March 22,2008 00:51
Re: Patras Carnival 2008 Pictures

Yes, searching and finally discovering a Spaniard, dressed up as a (drumroll) Spaniard, that was huge fun! It was a cool (or should I say h0t?) weekend!

Posted by: betabug at March 24,2008 09:10
Re: Patras Carnival 2008 Pictures

Great photos, thanks for sharing. I have used one of your photos on my story on the Carnival and provided a link to your gallery. My Greek Carnival post can be found here,

Best of luck to you and Happy Travels, Basil

Posted by: basil at January 27,2012 15:18
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