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03 April 2008

La Grande Bouffe

As viewed by International Pizza

The French/Italian classic movie La Grande Bouffe has been on my viewing list for literally ages. I think I first heard about this movie when viewing the "Trailer" movie recommendation show on Austrian TV. All those years I was fascinated by the idea of this movie and wanted to see it. Finally I did, as graffic has pointed out in the company of International Pizza. I was a bit afraid that my memories of that long ago seen trailer wouldn't be up to the real thing, or that some of the gang would be offended by some of the gross contents of the movie, but that wasn't so...

The gang arrived at graffic's place after only a tiny amount of searching. He has really a nice apartment there. While we waited for everybody to arrive, we watched a few episodes of John Bull's Reggae Kitchen, to get us in the cooking mood. When everybody had arrived we ordered some "ψητά" (psita, barbecued stuff (mostly meat), from a Souvlaki place), eating is always an important part of international_pizza meetings.

Well, after going through the meat, we finally sat down for the movie. It didn't take long for the audience to grasp the sick humor of the story: Four friends who settle in an old villa (that belongs to one of them), to eat, drink, and (sorry) fuck till they drop dead. The actors are famous and obviously deserve their fame. Their characters just rock. There were so many scenes when I just blurted out laughing, when looked at one of them do something totally normal, while stuffing an incredible amount of food into his mouth. Throughout the first part of the movie the eating, generally the excess of hedonism is the main thing.

There are these incredible scenes, when a schoolteacher comes to visit an old tree in the villa's garden with her schoolchildren. The kids get shown around the place, the kitchen, the old Bugatti in the barn. They get fed and fed and fed and watch the guys eating. We looked at these pictures totally baffled. When they finally leave, the school teacher gets invited for dinner.

Along with the schoolteacher, who stays on through the weekend, a little of a more serious time arrives in the movie. We were laughing a bit less, instead we often sat there with open mouths, wondering at the excess of this world (the one in the movie? ours?). Still there were incredible funny moments, and more and more of them turning into a black, morbid humor.

It's a long movie, so it was pretty late when it ended. We thanked graffic for his φιλοξενία (filoxenia, hospitality) and headed for home. One crazy, wonderful experience richer. It's good to see that movie together with good friends, people who have a faible for good food and strange humor.

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