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08 April 2008

The Gardener at the Festival

Dialogue avec mon jardinier

The Festival du Film Francophone is currently running in Athens. We went and saw Dialogue avec mon jardinier yesterday evening. It was a remarkable experience. When I arrived at the cinema, there were a lot of people waiting. A really long line of people trying to get tickets. The problem wasn't so much a lack of tickets, but the strange organization: Take the usual Greek chaos, combine with the usual French chaos. The result was that despite the long line they were asking everybody: "would you like seats more to the left or to the center side?", "let's see, I have 3 in a line, is that good for you?" combined with all kinds of confusion. They probably took 5 minutes for every person buying, as if they were selling airplane tickets. All this despite the movie having already started.

When we finally got our tickets and went into the cinema, the room was (of course) dark and it was impossible to see any seat numbers. We were lucky to find consecutive seats in our row, so we could start to enjoy the movie without more confusion.

Enjoy the movie... Yes, that's exactly what we did! It was just wonderful. What pictures! What light! The sense of living, the snickery little glimpses on our own confused style of life. Despite a melancholy ending, the film is entirely positive. No fake drama, no violence for the sake of cheap spectacle. I came out of the cinema very quiet, and I still keep the images in my head.

So, what's the film all about? A painter has some trouble in his life, he separated from his wife, his daughter does her own stuff, he feels tired and hollow in his work. When he gets to own the house of his childhood, he moves there, somewhere in the French countryside. The garden of the place is a mess, so he looks for a gardener to look after it, and that gardener turns out to be a friend from school days. The two men start to talk, a dialog between two different places in society, different opinions about and experiences in life. Totally refreshing, recommended.

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Re: The Gardener at the Festival

I'll wait for a Spanish sub or even...... yes..... sometimes.... I do...... dub :P

Posted by: graffic at April 09,2008 01:09
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