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12 April 2008

First Rose

I'm such a fat-assed bastard
First rose on my balcony

Sometimes I don't get it. I have absolutely no knowledge about plants. When we moved into this apartment, there were some pots with green stuff on the balcony. I decided I won't let them dry out completely, so last summer I gave them water every day. During the winter time, my persistence faltered and they went often for a week without water. This spring I picked up giving them water more regularly again, also I read somewhere that ground coffee remains are good for them, so they got some of that. That's all I did, I probably deserve to end up with a couple of plastic pots with dust in them.

Instead I got? Today I discovered that we have our first rose this year. It's small and unspectacular, but incredibly beautiful to me and I seem to go looking at it a couple of times a day. I have some pics of last year's roses, but the new camera brings the flower out much better.

Well, if anybody around wants to look at my plants and give me some advice (or even help me out), feel free to send me a mail and drop by for a coffee and some green talk!

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Re: First Rose

Plants do not need of many things, they just need punctuality. Water them in certain time and they will reward you. Only occasionally, give them a few drops of fertilizer (i.e. Algoflash), you can find it even in the supermarkets.

Posted by: Panagiotis at April 14,2008 11:30
Re: First Rose

Plants are funny, I think. There are some you can abuse and forget to water, yet they prosper. And there are others that die when you move them a centimeter away from where they were.

We sadly have only one plant, and I'm shocked it's living after it had no water for 3 weeks. The male person in this house said, "Oh, was I supposed to give it something before I left?" (I'd already left 2 weeks previous and even wrote a note). Anyway, it's alive. :)

Posted by: kat at April 20,2008 16:28
Re: First Rose

Aaah well done! Isn't it nice when your efforts start to pay off? I'm currently trying to get some lemongrass seeds to germinate. They're absolutely tiny and take 40 days to sprout!!! They just look like they're going to rot to me.

I've gone plant crazy lately. I'm growing peas, beans, onions, peppers, tomatoes, aubergines, kolokithia, sweet pea alongside our usual plants (roses, grape vine, banana trees, jasmine, yucca plants, pot palms etc etc) We don't have all that much garden space, we just use it well.

Posted by: Bollybutton at April 23,2008 10:12
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