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01 April 2005

Trash Diving Revisited

No need to break in
Garbage bag labelled 'securicleaning'

Look what I found on the street yesterday: A see-through garbage bag labelled "securicleaning", filled with printouts and printed stuff. Now this poses some questions: Is this a company that promises to dispose of your sensitive office trash in a secure way? Do they boast about their security checked staff?

Either way, the word "secure" is a lie on that bag. Heck, you would not even have to rip open that bag to get at the contents. I did not look to close, but even if the bag did not contain letters the breach of cover would be bad. Let's just hope that this company has a shredder and their employees do not put anything remotely sensitive in that bag. But a seasoned Social Engineer could make use of even remotely company related material. Conclusion: The reference to "secure" must be a joke from the side of the cleaning company.

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