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16 April 2008

Missed Episodes: ZopeEditManager

Nice for ZWiki editing

The few times in many years that I tried out the ExternalEditor product I a.) never got it to work on Mac OS X and then b.) had already moved away from Through-The-Web (TTW) editing and therefore felt no more need to follow up on it. Today, following a problem someone had on #zwiki, I looked at ExternalEditor again, only to see that I had "missed episodes" of the show (as a Greek expression goes), since there is now a nice GUI application to handle the client side on Mac OS X: ZopeEditManager.

Since I'm not going to move back to editing Zope code in the ZMI, instead preferring to write my code on the file system, what could be the use for this thing for me now? Simple: ZWiki integrates very well with ExternalEditor, so having this thing installed, would allow me to edit wiki pages in a proper text editor. In fact, it works really well, took only a minute to configure for FireFox (after reading the Readme.html).

Next step would of course be to go back to a unixish setup, since my editor of choice is vi now... :-)

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Re: Missed Episodes: ZopeEditManager

There are really good web editors and nowadays they can fulfil most of our needs without downloading anything extra.

Offtopic, I got a wii, so you're invited to kick me at tennis :D

Posted by: graffic at April 17,2008 21:30
Re: Missed Episodes: ZopeEditManager

Argh!! I have been trying to get this to work on my mac for ages and ages and ages.

Posted by: Simon at April 18,2008 04:34
Re: Missed Episodes: ZopeEditManager

Hey graffic, no web editor can beat vi :-p ... or even TextEdit. I'll take you up on the wii!

Simon! Just imagine that this thing has been around for years... glad you found it after all!

Posted by: betabug at April 18,2008 08:52
Re: Missed Episodes: ZopeEditManager

You're forgetting the most obvious and possibly strongest case for ExternalEditor: CMSing content.

I've got clients who do all their content editing in Dreamweaver via webdav and ExternalEditor. They do this because the little WYSIWYG editor wasn't good enough if you're spending considerable time editing content.

Posted by: Peter Bengtsson at April 21,2008 13:28
Re: Missed Episodes: ZopeEditManager

Peter, I wasn't even trying to think about this stuff - I was looking only at my own use case. Of course you are right, ExternalEditor can make a very good job in cases like that.

Posted by: betabug at April 21,2008 13:48
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