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18 April 2008

Wow... Music with the Trends TA-10.1

Haven't heard that before here
It's really small, the Trends TA-10.1

Today my boss gave me a pair of speakers and an amplifier. For a long time at home I've been listening to music with a pair of cheap "PC speakers". I carried everything home and hooked it up without even taking my shoes off. Wow... music!

I'm really not an audiophile. I've listened to music with the most simple of means, even though I noticed and understood that the quality I get is rubbish (heck, the PC speakers "broke" the sound when just turning them a bit up, and they were the reference implementation of "tinny sound"). But all this time it hadn't much bothered me.

The first time I noticed that there is more "inside" the music I am listening was when I bought a pair of in-ear headphones. Suddenly I noticed stuff in songs that previously just wasn't there.

Now with this setup I get the same, but without cables going to my head. OK, there are currently cables all over my desk (advisory note: photo is purely illustrative, in real life there are all kinds of cables to connect, and no desk is ever that organized... except mine at ork).

The amp is really an exceptional piece of technology. Apparently it's as good as machines that cost 10 times as much. Can't compare there, but it really sounds fantastic. It's also exceptional small, just compare to the teacup in the pic. Inside it's all crazy digital technology... well, actually a single chip plus some audio circuitry. There isn't much for user interface (on/off and volume knob), or input/output (just one input and connections for one pair of speakers). But it does the job... really well.

So here's a big cheer to Γιώργος (George, my audiophile boss)!

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Re: Wow... Music with the Trends TA-10.1

That's excellent! It's important to listen to the intricacies of music, but more important to just enjoy it!

Posted by: kat at April 20,2008 16:25
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