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22 April 2008

Even Printers Need Love

Look after their needs and feelings!
LOVE LOW... PET ME! on printer's status display

Yes, nowadays printers too need attention, care, ... and sometimes even love. Fortunately advanced electronic devices can call out for help if one of their basic needs is running low. Unfortunately for the machine in question, people just come to grab up their printouts, without ever glancing at the display or paying attention to the little machine's feelings.

Just in case you wonder why this is in the "digital" category: It's done with a little perl (ugh!) script I found in a blog entry titled INSERT COIN. All you need is a networked HP laser printer and its IP address.

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Re: Even Printers Need Love

Nice one bebu! HP printers world domination plan has just started!

Posted by: xsa at April 29,2008 12:10
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