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28 April 2008

Athens to Patras by Train

How to get there

When I was trying to find out how to get from Athens to Patras by Train, I did the obvious thing and searched on the site of ΟΣΕ (OSE, the Greek Train Organisation). But... I got nowhere there, because it didn't let me search for that particular connection. So I needed to call out for some help. Thanks to indyone I found out how it all works and I might help out others in the same situation...

The catch is, that there isn't any direct train connection Athens-Patras any more. What you need to do is take the Προαστιακός (Proastiakos, the "suburban railway" as the announcements say) till Κιάτος (Kiatos) and there jump on the InterCity (which is just an old fashioned train) to Patras. To get the timetable up for this, you need to find the connection Kiato-Patras (keep it open in one browser window, btw. at least in the Greek screens, Kiato is hidden under the letter "Π", for whatever reason), then open the timetables for the Προαστιακός and cross reference till you have what you need.

You can take the Proastiakos from any number of Metro stations, for example from Stathmos Larissis, Doukisis Plakentias, Neratziotissa. To me that's one very usefull thing, as the bus terminal for Patras is in the middle of nowhere. Going to Patras, the train takes a little bit longer than the long distance busses, but once a traffic jam hits, the train will still arrive on time, while in the bus you're stuck.

BTW: As the train line in question is under reconstruction, this information will be outdated in a few years, but hey, this is a blog, there is a date on the top of this article for a reason.

Update 2013: Since the line is interrupted currently, there is a continuation service where you go part of the way by bus. More info here.

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Re: Athens to Patras by Train

Usually you can buy the ticket for both trains in the same station as the proastiakos. And if there is any problem (like you cannot connect both trains), just ask for your money back.

By bus there is always very good connection (almost every hour you have a bus).

The most "funny" thing is to go Crete->Patra "directly" by bus. Your bus goes inside the ship during the Crete->Pireas trip.

Posted by: graffic at April 29,2008 23:18
Re: Athens to Patras by Train

Yes, there are a lot of bus connections to Patras. But the bus is actually more expensive, less comfortable, and (as mentioned) the location of the ΚΤΕΛ station is really bad, have to take the Metro till Omonia, then take a bus a few streets off (in a really ugly neighborhood). Also I've been stuck in traffic upon return once, it wasn't nice at all.

Oh, and forgot to mention: To buy the train tickets you can't buy the ticket to Patras at Doukissis Plakentias, you have to go to Stathmos Larissis, the airport (and one other station which I forgot). The OSE call center at tel. 1110 is actually useful.

Posted by: betabug at April 30,2008 09:39
Re: Athens to Patras by Train

The station you forgot is Neratziotissa station.I used to buy my tickets there. The trains from Athens ->Kiato are more or less 1 every hour and from Kiato -> Patra every 2 hours more or less. So even if you dont know the exact hour or you miss your Proastiakos , you can take the next one and change the train ticket. Also if you dont have a ticket for the train Kiato->Patra you can buy it from the person that checks the tickets inside the train, The only thing is that you dont actually have a seat, and if there are a lot of people travelling you might find yourself standing up or travelling inside the cafeteria of the train.

Posted by: thundera at May 02,2008 11:52
Re: Athens to Patras by Train

Hi thundera! Yes, that was the station I forgot! Very useful information you got there, thank you!

Posted by: betabug at May 02,2008 12:48
Re: Athens to Patras by Train

what is the web address you used to find the connections you mention above? The OSE site is very confusing.

Posted by: xenia at November 30,2008 00:18
Re: Athens to Patras by Train

xenia, I didn't find that connection via any address, as the OSE site is really, really confusing. I asked a friend.

On the OSE front page are the links to the "Proastiakos" schedules. You download the corresponding PDF files. Then you search on the form for the connection from Kiato to Patras and crossreference the two. Good luck and godspeed!

Posted by: betabug at December 01,2008 09:19
Re: Athens to Patras by Train

Useful blog. Am looking to make the journey from Athens to Patras this coming September. Have you got any updates on the proposed engineering works you mentioned? Is the train still the best way to make this journey. Any advice you can offer me would be most welcome.



Posted by: Mighty Joe at April 01,2009 22:53
Re: Athens to Patras by Train

Hello Mighty Joe,

I too am going to be making the trip from Athens to Patras in September; circa 26/27 and wonder if you have any tips. I have a Eurail pass and just assumed it would be easy????? HELP!!!!


Posted by: Gail and Paul Mansfield from Tassie at August 21,2009 10:15
Re: Athens to Patras by Train


This summer I'm planning to travael all around Greece by train, on every railway line.

OSE site is really confusing: for example it does not show any trains between Pyrgos and Olympia or between Kavasillas-Vartholomio-Kyllini? Do these lines exist, anyway?

Thnsk you very much for answers,
Levente from Hungary

Posted by: Levente at January 08,2010 23:04
Re: Athens to Patras by Train

I have listened that actually,Patras-Kiato train line is closed for remodellation.Is it true?

any notice about Tripolis-Kalamata railway reopening?

Posted by: xAVIER at March 09,2010 17:46
Re: Athens to Patras by Train

Hi there,
Can anyone help me????? Tomorrow afternoon i want to take the train from Athens to Akrata.
i think i have to take the train to kiato?
Does anyone know the times too??

any help is much appreciated!!


Posted by: roxy at August 05,2010 09:59
Re: Athens to Patras by Train

hi there,
i´ve searched a while and find a page which might will help you, for those of you which asked for a schedule or something.
i could not find any schedule on OSE ( info posted by betabug) but here is the adress of the homepage:

but i have a question, maybe one of you guys knows that: what´s teh diffrence between Metro, ISAP and OSE??? isn´t it like in germany that there is a monopol for one company to deliver people by train?


Posted by: kate at August 15,2010 23:44
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