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09 May 2008

Perl Jobs

They are still around!
Diamonds and Perls!

Perl programmers! Do not despair! Even though your language isn't all the hype of the dot-com era any more, even though "new" languages like python, haskell, lua, java, (...) have taken over all the buzzword space, there are still jobs for you!

Admittedly, the company in the picture (click for a slightly larger view) is something of a "special" employer, you will be perfectly able to "show off" all your assets there. The company name also suggests a certain high level of expertise required (I mean, "diamonds", right?).

Back to real life: The space in question had a sign "for sale or let" with a nice (Greek) mis-spelling for a while, which I had a chuckle with on my way to work. Now it obviously changed hands. The new owner (or renter) hasn't had much more luck with orthography, but what do we expect, if he knew how to spell, he'd probably work in a more respectable industry.

Updated "pearl" sign

Update ~5 June 2008: Someone seems to have applied a patch... I would not assume that they have read about the bug here, but at least someone seems to have pointed out this nice misspelling.

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