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12 May 2008

What a Wonderful World This Could Be

Best strike *every*!

The current strike of the truck drivers and especially the fuel truck drivers, in combination with the Taxi driver strike (that one only today) is the best strike I've seen ever. Where the garbage strike got on everybody's nerves, this one is wonderful: It's quiet! The streets are much calmer! The bus home was incredible fast, there were no blocked roads... this is what this city would need!

Of course the results for the economy would be bad, but please, please, could they keep the strike up for a week or so? I'd even ride my longboard to work if I had to, promise! (Or finally buy a bicycle...) I'm not the only one to notice the difference, lots of people mention it in the first words when you talk to them: "Athens is so nice like this!"

In case a prolonged strike is not feasible, I'd honestly suggest east European "socialist" style gasoline rationing. It would do wonders for air quality and ecology (by forcing people to think how they move).

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