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14 May 2008

Got darcs 2 For PowerPC

These machines are still valuable...

The new ZWiki -unstable repository is in darcs 2 format. This resolves a couple of problems sm had with bringing the stable and unstable branches together. On my MacBook it was pretty easy to get a new binary package for darcs 2. But new OS X packages are done for Intel Macs only. At work my dev machine is a trusty old dual-G4 (fast enough for most anything still). Darcs is written in Haskell, so you need the GHC compiler to build it. First I tried to build ghc from macports... after about 4 hours it failed with a compiler error. I gave up for the moment.

Now I had the brilliant (or rather "obvious") idea to get a binary package for GHC. Indeed there is a binary installer for GHC on Mac OS X PowerPC too! Installing that was a snap, and afterwards building darcs 2 with it was a simple ./configure && make && make install game. The result is that I can hack on Zwiki at work again now.

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