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29 May 2008

8th European Jazz Festival

28 May - 1 June 2008.. already underway

Another "calendar" type post: The 8th European Jazz Festival is already running here in Athens. Last evening this Sunday, concerts seem to start at 21:00 each night, they're in the "Technopolis" (Gazi). Here's a long description of what's going on at xpatathens-site and a short rundown at monsieurlu.

There's also a free downloadable album from Ειρήσθω εν Παρόδω (Iristho En Parodo), a Greek group performing at the event (thanx to monsieurlu for the tip). Just started to listen to it, and the fusion of Jazz and oriental sounds totally r0xx!

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Greek Oriental Fusion Jazz

There probably isn't a Jazz festival anywhere with so many people and so little Jazz. Don't get
me wrong, the 8th European Jazz Festival is a wonderful event. I went there yesterday evening
with friends and I had a great time and listened to some very good Jazz. But the first thought
that formed in my head was: "All those people do not really have any interest in Jazz!"

Read the linking post here: ch-athens at June 01,2008 22:31