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31 May 2008

vim 7.1 with Unicode / UTF-8 on Mac OS X 10.4

Here we go

On my MacBook with Mac OS X 10.4, vim 6 was installed and worked fine with Greek text in UTF-8 encoding. Today I tried to install VST (a package to work with ReStructuredText in vim) and noticed that I need vim in version 7. Downloaded vim, compiled it and VST worked, but... Greek characters didn't work. At first I thought I'd have to compile my own ncursesw and figure out how to compile vim to link in the wide curses, but in the end I didn't need any of that. Only had to specify that I want vim with wide-char support in configure:

% ./configure --with-features=big
configure: creating cache auto/config.cache
checking whether make sets $(MAKE)... yes
       .... lots and lots of output ....
% make
       .... lots and lots of output ....
% sudo make install

... and then convince my shell to use my "new" vim 7 instead of the standard vim 6. I did that by setting an alias in my shell setup file. Nice bonus: vim now has a spell checker, though I have yet to configure it with a Greek word list. Also on the todo-list: Figure out why I can't generate LaTeX documents with Greek characters out of VST.

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