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03 June 2008

Philip Glass and Leonard Cohen... coming to town

The book of longing and at the Terra Vibe

On the way to work, lazily looking out from the bus, I spotted a poster, something about Leonard Cohen and Philip Glass. Two of my favorite musicians, and as the poster mentioned something about Athens, and as I didn't manage to see much more, I went to search for that event. It turns out there is a concert of Philip Glass' music, based on Leonard Cohen's book "The book of longing". It's Philip Glass performing himself, with his orchestra, but it looks to me like Leonard Cohen won't be there (as he's on his world tour then). Still a great event! (More info at the site of the Badminton Theater or in English here by grhomeboy.)

I've seen Philip Glass perform La belle et la bête in Athens, so I can really recommend this performance.

Leonard Cohen himself will be playing in Greece too: On July 30th at the Terra Vibe (some big concert stage outside of Athens). No link or further info yet, appart from that world tour link given above.

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