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03 June 2008

What happened on June 2nd to and port 993?

Give me a time out!
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When I just had a glance at my web stats, I noticed a lot of accesses to an old post of mine about IMAPS setup: Please wait for to time out suddenly getting lots of hits. Usually I know which posts still get attention, and if a not-so-interesting post starts to get traffic, it means a new kind of bot got through my defenses. Not so this time.

Apparently at about 2008-06-02 19:16 (CET) a lot of people started to have problems with timing out on port 993 (which is for IMAPS, the secure / encrypted variant of the IMAP protocol). Since then google refers them (amongst other pages) to that weblog post of mine. Leaves me curious. What happened? Some Apple upgrade wrecked imaps? Some service ( which is used mainly by Mac users had problems with imaps? Comments welcome!

Semi-update: graffic suspects the 10.5.3 update..., also I've added a picture to please the discriminating Mac user crowd.

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Re: What happened on June 2nd to and port 993?

Hi there

i've got the same problem with my .mac email. Since last 18th July I havent been able to receive any mails. The port 993 seems to be part of the problem, but I have no idea what to do to fix it.

Neither my iphone email is working.

neither apple technical support have answer me about it. they are quite useless.

if you have fixed the problem, could you please tell me how?


Posted by: enrique at July 22,2008 18:59
Re: What happened on June 2nd to and port 993?

For about one month now, I am having intermittent internet connection problem (PPPoE disconnect) from my router (3 Mac's sharing the router). On close inspection, I notice that before the internet disconnect, there have been a few packets of data to

I am sure that is doing something that's not suppose to do. Which is causing my ISP to throttle down the traffic to me.

Posted by: dchao at November 06,2008 08:03
Re: What happened on June 2nd to and port 993?

dchao, I can just pray that you are not a medical doctor. With your clairvoyant deduction skills, you should stay away from diagnosing anything that has moved within the last 5 years and/or runs on electricity above 0.01 watts.

OK, jokes aside, you are wrong.

If your ISP would "throttle" your connection, you wouldn't get PPPoE drops. You'd just get lower speed. Your problem is probably just a phone line degradation (temporary or not - but even that is just a guess). If the problem persists, you will just have to call the ISP and go through normal troubleshooting.

Posted by: betabug at November 06,2008 08:57
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