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07 June 2008

Patch Fun

Instant gratification

For a few days now I've been hacking with Wu on a fun project of his. It's nothing too serious or even too useful, but that's not the point. For him it's a project to learn a bit more about Zope 2, while for me... for me it's just fun to show him how to do stuff clean and in "the right way" in Zope. (Yes, there's a lot of room to do things clean in Zope 2.) We're talking about simple stuff here, I sometimes wrote a patch between waking up and having breakfast. It's also not too serious, and the small scale gives me instant gratification.

Now looking through the patches one after another, I notice that they're a bit like an online course for an aspiring Zope programmer. I try to explain well what I did in the check in comments, as my target isn't writing a lot of code, but teaching through writing code.

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Re: Patch Fun

:) both your code and your commit comments are pretty helpful understanding all those things about Zope (like the use of BTrees, the ZCatalog, etc). For you it is just a matter of minutes, but it saves me weeks of doc search, understanding and tries to get to the point.

Thnk you a lot.

Posted by: Wu at June 08,2008 14:10
Re: Patch Fun

Hi Sascha,

This sounds very useful - is there any way to see this work? have started with your boring product, but my Zope 2 product-fu is still weak...


Posted by: Philip Kilner at June 09,2008 11:43
Re: Patch Fun

I think Wu is working on making the repo (read-only) accessible, so you can see the steps taken. I'll post when there is news.

Posted by: betabug at June 09,2008 12:18
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