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08 June 2008

Hacking and Beach day

This is how life is meant to be
Toy truck in the Alsos Ilision

Went together with graffic to Panos place today for some computer time and later for a visit to the beach. Panos was taking his ibook apart to install a new hard drive, while graffic and me did a little Zope teaching session and some look at distributed version control. Then we drove to the nearby beach and went for a swim. The sea being a bit colder than last week actually, were it takes a bit of perseverance to get into, after a while and a good crawl it gets to be just refreshing.

After messing with Zope (how to install, a few basic looks into creating a Product), we looked at some distributed versioning system things. First we had a look at darcs, using it for our sample Product, pulling patches from the repos we had set up on each other's laptops. Then we watched Linus Torvald's talk at google (the one where he says some bad words about subversion), which was fun.

We had arrived at around 13:00 and when Panos had the ibook assembled (at a little after 18:00, those ibooks are a total PITA to take apart) we took his car and went to the nearby beach for a swim. It's so nice to go to swim towards the end of the day. OK, it's nice to spend a day at the beach too, but if I have to choose between late afternoon / evening or 11 in the morning, I'll prefer the late afternoon for the beach most of the time.

Now that we're back I'm attempting to actually install git on my MacBook. Naive as I am, I tried to download the source and compile it. Pfff, the list of dependencies seems to be endless. Next was to search for binary installer... no such luck, there is one but it seems to be of the "try it, it might work" variety. Last try (as suggested by Bill Clementson was to get MacPorts and use that to compile git. It worked, but boy did it compile a lot of crap. I mean, haven't these guys heard of the news that Mac OS X comes with OpenSSH nowadays? Even if they want a newer client, what's this garbage they do, install a startup item for it?

Here I was, thinking that darcs is complicated to install, because I have to install ghc, but that was actually easier to get than this stuff. Something tells me that I won't be switching neither to using MacPorts nor to git...

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