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13 June 2008

Patch fun: have a look

Wu's learning resource online

A few days ago I reported about Wu's "learning Zope product", where I helped out with patches and advice. In the meantime Wu has put some resources online: There's svn public access and a little project description on his trac (with instructions to get the code via svn).

Note that this isn't a full fledged, "production quality", working product, it's more something to look at and learn (and if you know better, send patches and improvements). If you want to learn, I suggest you follow some of the patches in the timeline - they're each like a small mini-lesson in Zope Product programming. There's one where we are putting in a Catalog, one where we start batching results, ... and whenever we find time we will add more.

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Re: Patch fun: have a look

Thnx for the announcement betabug. It is indeed more a show-how-to product than a production one (but we will have a -release sometime in a nearby future).

I'm working on a small document that put all the notes gathered through the different patches/revisions in one place, explaining them all in more detail. I'll publish this doc on the project page once it is complete.

Posted by: Wu at June 13,2008 10:24
Re: Patch fun: have a look

Thanks, Guys!


Posted by: Philip Kilner at June 23,2008 08:43
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