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13 June 2008

The Privileges of Living in Athens

Areopagos, the Festival, and the Paul Taylor Dance Company
sketch of Lycabetos, as seen from next to the Acropolis

Even though there are a lot of people who complain about this city (ok, sometimes with reason), there are really some great privileges that come with living here. For example you can sit on the Areopagos (just outside the doors of the Acropolis) in the evening sun, watch the tourist snap photo after photo of the "rock" (nickname of the Acropolis), while sketching mount Lycabetos on the other side of a sea of concrete. During winter time you can even go and visit the Acropolis itself - the sight is as beautiful as in summer, but it's not as hot.

Such a big city also offers some cultural events that are worth it. Right now we have the Athens Festival running, with the most famous venue being the Herodion theater. On Wednesday we went and watched the "Paul Taylor Dance Company". Normally my policy with going to the Herodion is very strict: I go there only when I'm 100% sure that I will like the event, because sitting on marble (with a small cushion) is hard on the "behind" and since you can't lean back, you have to sit all straight up and after 1.5 hours your back will make itself known.

This time I was lucky: Despite not being much into dance, I liked the show. The first part of the show was very graphic, very much flowing, with a very good integration of the visual movement and the music (something from Bach). Didn't like the 2nd part so much, while the 3rd was good again, but not as great as the 1st. I also had luck with my seat: There was no one sitting on the seat behind (and above) me, so I could borrow a spare cushion and from time to time lean my back against the marble of the next step.

The place itself is of course an experience each time. If you happen to come to Athens at the time of the festival, give it a go!

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Re: The Privileges of Living in Athens

Athenas its a very beautifull city... congratulations.

Posted by: Eurodipity at June 22,2008 15:27
Re: The Privileges of Living in Athens

I can imagine the difficult thing to sit down on the rock, 1,5 hours, but surely the place and spectacle deserve. Cannot be taken a pillow?

Posted by: eurodipity at August 13,2008 15:41
Re: The Privileges of Living in Athens

There are pillows, but you can still feel the hard seat through them and - as mentioned - you cannot lean back, so your back starts to hurt after a while. But the theater is worth it and the spectactle that you see should be worth it too.

Posted by: betabug at August 14,2008 08:57
Re: The Privileges of Living in Athens

Clearly, the pain in the buttock, and the pain in the back is added. Although the spectacle is beautiful, better not to go every day: -)

(I am the second Eurodipity, but I understand that you do not like the url ;-))

Posted by: eurodipity at August 20,2008 15:01
Re: The Privileges of Living in Athens

Whoever you are, this was the last comment with that "name" tolerated on my blog. I don't care about your spam contest. As long as you don't care to give your real name and as long as your comments are obviously just manual entered commentspam, I'll delete them as they come. Go get a life.

Posted by: betabug at August 21,2008 07:19
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