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01 July 2008

Open Coffee

at the sea
Crowd at Open Coffee in Athens

Open Coffee Athens is currently under way here in Kalamaki (a part of Athens right next to the sea. The presentations started late due to some audio hardware problems, so I had time to chat with some interesting people here.

Right now we're going through the first presentations. Mixed impressions so fare. You can guess that I'm not fixated enough on the presentations, that's why I'm writing this :-).

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Re: Open Coffee

Good to finally meet you. Sorry I had to leave early. Hope the next presentations were good and you had a good chance to do some networking.

Posted by: Stavros Messinis at July 01,2008 23:25
Re: Open Coffee

I guess it was a nice time/place to meet interesting people.

Next time I hope to be there, I didn't realize about this event.

Posted by: graffic at July 02,2008 08:44
Re: Open Coffee

graffic, too bad I hadn't told you!

Posted by: betabug at July 02,2008 10:37
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