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02 July 2008

Back in the world of communication

Hello World

After 36 hours ΟΤΕ (OTE, the quasi-monopolist state telecoms giant here in Greece) managed to restore service in the telecoms center in the area of my employers office. Somewhere after midnight this morning our servers were reachable again and our phones could have been ringing. Until then, for one and a half business days we were functioning on a very minimal communications set.

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Re: Back in the world of communication

Well, now it's time or tu put a complain, or all together and united say "What do you expect? We're in Greece!".

I know that 95% of the cases your complain goes to the rubbish bin in OTE. It took 3 times to OTE to give me a line.

Posted by: graffic at July 05,2008 13:28
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