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15 July 2008

darcs roxx

Small stuff that just works

"Distributed Version Control" systems are just so sweet to work with. They make a lot of tasks in a dynamic work environment easier. So I fixed a bug on the copy of my new app on my workstation. Pushed the patch to the demo server, working there, but... bum!

I had one line wrong in my fix, which got me an ugly error message on the demo server. Now I switched to the shell on the demo server and "unpulled" the bugfix patch (something like rolling back to the previous version, but without any tagging, branches, etc. etc. involved). An instant later the demo server was back in the state right before the bug fix, so people at least got their demos back.

Went back to the workstation, fixed that line that was so obviously wrong. (How did I miss that?) Then I did a "darcs amend" on the bugfix patch. This includes the bugfix-of-the-bugfix into the real bugfix, so there is now only one nice patch in the history. (If lots of people already got that patch this isn't such a good idea, but in a situation like this it's just what I need.) In the end I can "push" the amended patch again to the demo server and everybody is happy.

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