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31 July 2008

Flying home from Limnos

Back in Athens
Seafood in a taverna in Kotsina/Limnos

Returned back home from Limnos yesterday. This time by plane, which is much faster than coming back by boat. 4 hours door-to-door instead of something like 22 hours. The flight itself is very short (about 35 minutes), but of course there's lots of time spent getting to and from airports and going through all the formalities. The flight was interesting, we saw most of Limnos from above, later also Ai Strati. Since Aegean is flying to and from Limnos too now, it's much easier to get a ticket and the departure time is much more relaxed. (Olympic's flights are either at 6 in the morning or at midnight, Aegean had one flight at 13:25 noon.)

In Athens it's much warmer - maybe not the measured temperature, but there is less cooling down due to wind and all the buildings reflect the heat. I'm still dreaming of all the endless and wonderful beaches on the island, cooling down in the clear water. There were very few people on the island, so many times we had a huge beach all for a few people. Next neighbor two parasols to the left, not 1.5 meters. Also parasols installed by the municipality, together with small cabins for changing - and at no cost to the guests. Limnos is a different world than more "touristy" islands.

Oh, the picture... lots of fish and seafood to be eaten! I think I haven't ever eaten so much fish and sea food in so little time. It's so much different to eat that stuff there than in Athens.

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Re: Flying home from Limnos

Wow, that looks great! If you and I were at the same table, we'd have to order more or stab each other for the kommati tis dropi. LOL.

Glad you had a good time and say 'hi' to Paris for me. Haven't been there in years!

Posted by: kat at August 03,2008 11:20
Re: Flying home from Limnos

They don't bother much with "who gets the last bit" on Limnos, they just order more till everybody drops under the table :-)

Will say 'hi' to Paris from you! Haven't been here a long time too, so it's funny to see some things again. Lots of walking and sight seeing, but that's it, I'm an official tourist right now!

Posted by: betabug at August 03,2008 12:22
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