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02 August 2008

Paris, here I am!

Visiting saad

Yesterday evening the 2nd part of my vacation started. I hopped into the Bus to Eleftherios Venizelos Airport in Athens, took a flight to Paris. The flight was boring, too long, crowded. It felt a bit like what Wu experienced in the MRI tube, minus the cool techno music. I'm really ambivalent about flying: On the one hand it's the fastest way to visit friends, especially if you live in Greece, on the far corner of Europe, like me. On the other, I don't like the airline experience much and the ecological aspect of the thing is just a total breakdown.

Didn't see much of Paris yet, except the nice retro style airport (Orly) and some highways. But Saad's place is really cool. An old house in a quiet neighborhood, lots of green around, high rooms, wooden floors, great atmosphere. That and Saad filling the place with good muzak. This morning I woke up and it rained. Might not be so special for most people, but for me it's the 2nd time I see rain in the last 2 months or so. Today the tourist program will start!

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Re: Paris, here I am!

Envy... that's the feeling... Would be so nice to meet you both there, at the "city of light". Be careful, as you could fell in love with it's rainy-myth atmosphere (and saad's muzak will help that, for sure!) :D

Posted by: Wu at August 06,2008 01:45
Re: Paris, here I am!

Paris! Lovely city and the city of love! I hope visit early. :)

Posted by: eurodipity at August 20,2008 04:29
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