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18 April 2005

Sahara Dust

Is it fog? Is it dust? Is it sand?
Kalamaki beach in the dust

This sunday Athens was hit by Sahara dust. I had seen that before, but it was more yellowish then. So at first I did not believe guesses about the Sahara origin. But Then I Saw It On TV (TM). And the powdered cars everywhere make it more believable. We went to the seaside in Kalamaki, my old neighbourhood. With a lot of wind and fresh air it was quite nice. Other niceties: Buying belgian chocolate from the branch of a belgian chocolate chain. Kalamaki is so high society compared to the center of Athens where I live now.

The picture shows the beach in Kalamaki in the "fog". The greyish white sky is due to the sand in the air, not just due to the lowly mobile phone camera.

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