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07 August 2008

Sweet Tourist Life

See it all!

Yes, I'm still in Paris, enjoying the sweet tourist life and the good weather (Tuesday/Wednesday, didn't last all that long, now on Thursday it's raining again). Monday and Tuesday I've visited and revisited a lot of Paris, doing all the tourist program, but also spending a lot of time slacking in the nice parks they have here. Wednesday I slept a bit longer in the morning, then met saad, mitch, and some of their friends for lunch. In the afternoon I tried to pick up on my tourist program, but somehow I had picked mostly boring stuff. Thursday will be back to speed there, lots of interesting stuff waits to be seen. Ofcoz now it's raining again, so I'll see what I will do.

Apart from going and checking out all these places I've picked up on my drawing / sketching habit. I've set myself a target of doing 3 sketches per day... much more then the about 1 per month I seem to be doing usually. So far I've exceeded this target by a good margin. Once I've got a chance to scan something maybe I can post a few of the acceptable ones.

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