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18 August 2008

Work in an empty city

Back in Athens

Came back yesterday morning from Paris. As I had to get up at 3:30 to catch my flight, I'm still a bit groggy. Coming back from Paris to Athens, at this time of year is... interesting. Athens is not as hot as last year, but still the warmth enveloped me in a big welcome hug. In Paris the weather wasn't that bad (for Paris' standard), but it changed a lot. I'm not used to that any more, so I had even catched a cold.

Today I go back to work. The city was still pretty empty yesterday, our neighborhood very quiet. I don't think this will turn out a very hectic day, I'd predict more of a quietly going through the to-dos and planning next stages day. Oh, and maybe some "getting back in touch" with the code - it's been 4 weeks that I haven't looked at the code at work (or really any code), so maybe I need some warm up there too.

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Re: Work in an emtpy city

Welcome back!

4 weeks are for sure a long time, so you will need some time to get back to your slacking habits! :D

Posted by: Wu at August 18,2008 13:01
Re: Work in an empty city

You are right Wu! That's the bad thing with long vacations: You get used to doing things every day, running around and being busy, then you come back to the office and have to pick up slacking all from zero... hard.

Posted by: betabug at August 18,2008 13:27
Re: Work in an empty city



Yes, I'm training to be a spammer :D

Posted by: graffic at August 18,2008 15:02
Re: Work in an empty city

"It's been 4 weeks that I haven't looked at the code at work (or really any code), so maybe I need some warm up there too."

Well, I have looked everywhere and it doesn't seem like you forgot your mojo here in Paris so you probably have it with you. Your warm up mode should be going smoothly.

Posted by: saad at August 19,2008 06:26
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