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20 August 2008

Breezy Hill

looking for...

I'm sitting on the hill Filopapou, which is a woody place just opposite the Akropolis. It's not too hot and there's a nice breeze.

I had drawn the Akropolis from here (right where I'm sitting now) almost two months ago. That evening I had lost the Rotring 600 ballpoint pen I was drawing with for the last years. An almost unreplaceable loss, as these aren't made any more - and even a new one wouldn't be "my" pen.

Sad to sit here now? No way, it was just a pen! I had not expected to have found it after all that time. What I found is the afternoon and the cool breeze.

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Re: Breezy Hill

A few years back, I lost my Rotring mech-pencil. I was made of metal. You cannot get them anymore. But then I found a store in Brussels that had three of them left! I bought them all (just in case). I since lost all three!!! :(

Posted by: alex at August 22,2008 16:53
Re: Breezy Hill

Hi Alex! Wow, losing three of them, that's hard! I think if I'd ever find a pen like I had again, I'd guard it like the apple of my eye. Now that I try various pens, I notice how wonderfull the weight balance really was (even though it was really heavy for a pen).

Posted by: betabug at August 26,2008 21:03
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