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26 August 2008

A Weekend at the Navel of the World

Visiting Delphi
Mountain scene in Delphi

Last weekend I was in Delphi. I had great luck that I was able to lend a car from work (thanx!) so I left Friday evening right from work. Driving the little FIAT was comfortable and easy. There wasn't much traffic around and I'm well versed in driving on mountain roads, like there were on the last part of my trip. Not that there is anything difficult about those mountain roads, they are all brand new and well built.

I got to see the archeological site (which I've seen a couple of times before). Again and again those collections of old stones are interesting to me. There's usually a fine atmosphere in the air. Once you make that thought "imagine how long this has been around, all those people who stood here thousands of years ago..." you get at least a little bit of goosebumps. Standing in front of the temple of Apollon, where once nobody but the main priestess was allowed to go, that thought was clearly there.

Being in the mountains was generally nice. The wide views, all the green and trees, seeing the sea in the distance. We went for a long walk on some officially marked trail above the archeological site (made the sketch at the very start of that walk). Also took some photos for two panorama pictures, here is one of them at sunset.

Mountain panorama at sunset, above Delphi (Greece)

We also went to the coast to go for swimming and food - having the car made things a lot easier there. One of the evenings we went to a restaurant in Delphi... wow, the food in those tourist restaurants is really not good. They should get sued by the government for generating a bad name for Greece and especially the Greek kitchen. One of the beachside restaurants reimbursed me for that food experience the next day, by providing us with well grilled μπριζόλες (brizoles, steaks). A siesta on the beach, followed up by another swim rounded that afternoon out. Monday morning I drove straight back to work. This weekend was really a little vacation extension.

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Re: A Weekend at the Navel of the World

tourist restaurants sell a shadow of what greek food is. shame, i have never eaten a decent pie there or nice ladera.
you are lucky to have had a holiday extension. i am trying to stretch my calendar to find a couple of days too.

Posted by: chloe at August 26,2008 21:46
Re: A Weekend at the Navel of the World

Good luck with your calendar Chloe! I really hope you can find a couple of days (also with a bit of pure selfishness: I like to see more of those great photos you take there :-)

I usually avoid tourist restaurants like the plague, but that's difficult in a place like Delphi, when you're tired and short on time.

Posted by: betabug at August 27,2008 09:33
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