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04 September 2008

The State of Life and Balkan Music

Work, the Acropolis again, Goran Bregovic
A sketch of the acropolis in Athens and a ticket to the Goran Bregovic concert

Not into much writing at the moment. The picture shows some things I've been up to yesterday.

Work has picked up a lot, so I'm busy with those things in the background. Yesterday after work I went to the Acropolis where I would meet some friends for the concert of Goran Bregovic (together with his "Wedding and Funeral Orchestra", a choir, and a string orchestra). I was early, so I went to Filopappou and made a postcard with a view of the Acropolis.

A bit later, the actual concert was wonderful. Putting so many musicians on stage results in a very full sound, especially in a place with so good acoustics. Combine that with Mr. Bregovic's tunes... I loved it.

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