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29 September 2008

Sailing Away

Forget it all for a weekend
On board the Mango 3

This weekend I had the incredible luck that Panos organized me a place on the sailing boat of his friends (big thanx to Stelios especially) for a weekend race from Χαλκίδα to Αλιβέρι (Halkida to Aliveri) and back. I've never been on a sailing boat before and always had wanted to. It was an incredible trip and a great experience.

I don't know if I would be able to learn all the stuff myself (e.g. lots of totally new Greek terms used on a boat), but I was able to give a helping hand now and then, so I didn't feel like a totally useless piece of luggage most of the time.

On Saturday morning we started out, at first with no to almost no wind at all, everybody nervously trying to get a tiny little bit of speed into the boat, in order to have a nose length of headway when the real wind sets in. When the wind finally came, a small group of boats started out with a huge distance to the followers. We were going quite well there, about to get in on the 4th position, when our genua sail ripped, still got in about 7th. On the way back we had no such accidents, but we hit a tough calm spot and our replacement sail wasn't so good. The results didn't affect me so much, I had a great time.

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