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07 October 2008

Happy 60th Birthday 2CV

Still young after all those years!
My old 2CV at the time of the 1999 world meeting in Greece

A mail from Jukka (finish 2CV fan) reminded me this morning that the 2CV is celebrating its 60th birthday today! Happy Birthday little car, so young after all those years!

Time also to remember all those hours, days and nights I spent in the two 2CVs I had the luck to have owned. The time I drove all the night through the hills of then northern Yougoslavia (nowadays Croatia and Slovenia), endlessly turning over the same cassette, tired but enjoying the drive till the daylight came up and the driving continued into the day with Charlott taking over the wheel. Or the first days driving my first 2CV from France to Portugal, no music player yet, singing along aloud (happily nobody heard me), then picking up some hitchhikers and enjoying the company.

More: Stopping in Greece at the side of the road, driving into an olive grove, in the shade of the old trees replacing the engine's ventilator because it had cracked. Back in Switzerland in a freezing winter, with so much snow that the roads weren't cleared, me speeding along, overtaking Mercedes and BMWs two and three at a time on the white, snow covered roads. The same winter, driving home in the evening from work, the car and the atmosphere so thoroughly cooled down, that the 20 minute drive home gave the heating just enough time to warm the car up from -15ºC to 5ºC, me covered in 2 pullovers, down jacket, gloves, cap and a woolen blanket over my legs.

Finally leaving Switzerland and before that bringing the car to my uncle's garage almost with tears in my eyes, to have it find a new owner there.

Happy Birthday 2CV! May you stay with us strong and healthy for a long time yet!

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