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20 October 2008

Water Falls

Sunday rain, M.C. Escher, Tea with Marialena
A sketch of Lycabettos hill and a ticket to the Herakleidon museum in Athens

There's this special thing with the Internet, that you get to know people in person after you've known them in writing for some time already. At least this happens much more now, where it used to be a phenomenon of letter friends and public figures, now with bloggers and online chat, it's an experience I've happened a few times.

This Sunday I met Marialena whose weblog I've followed for some years now. I had happened on that blog somehow by accident, but the style of writing and many of the topics interested me (even though I must confess don't read everything always). After exchanging comments for some time now we finally got our act together and met in real life. We went to see an exhibition of works (and works-in-progress) of M.C. Escher at the Herakleidon museum in Thisio.

To get to the exhibition we had to pass through an unexpected downpour. Marialena had to pass with the scooter through a river that had formed below the Thisio metro station. I arrived by train and was greeted by a crowd who waited the rain out in the station building. We walked through the downpour to the museum and while we watched, the sky cleared up.

The exhibition was really quite the experience. I had known reproductions of some of his works and remember them since my childhood. The ever falling water, with all its details was still alive in my memory. Seeing actual prints, along with sketches and even printing plates (in stone and wood) in the original is much more impressive though. Both original lithography and wood print are much more expressive than reproductions in "normal" offset print.

After the exhibition, we went for some tea and chat. Our wet feet tried to dry up a little bit, the hot tea was helping. We seemed to have a lot of stories to tell, as we went on and on for hours. Finally even Panos showed up and we talked some more, the two of them starting to talk about scooters and bikes. As for the picture: A few hours before the meeting I passed by the National Gallery to draw Lycabettus hill from there. The photo shows one of the two postcards I made, together with the nice ticket from the Herakleidon museum.

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