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24 October 2008

London After Midnight... in Athens

Shock me real good

Tuesday evening Panos had the idea to go to a concert, despite the general strike on that day. Panos has a bike, so that's how we went. All I knew was that it was a "goth" concert. After having been to the Dark Sun club with him here in Athens, I'm open to that, so on we went to see London After Midnight...

The music was quite good, both from the Greek supporting act (sorry, never heard their name) and from London After Midnight themselves. They had a good sound, melodic, rocking, deep (not talking about the sound quality at the Gagarin here, which was really below average, as usual). Panos described the sound as "more rock than goth actually".

From the first moment of the main act, we were shown that LAM (as the site shortens their name) is a political group. Or rather: Sean Brennan, the man who is really LAM, clearly has a political message. The show started with a video background of Anti-Bush demonstrations. It later went on to show bombings of Vietnam villages from airplanes, burned bodies, Iraqi resistance bombing american occupation forces vehicles, dead people, and various other atrocities. They also showed some anti-american statistics, for example how many countries have the USA bombed since WWII, how many times have they suppressed democracy in other countries. As has to be expected for a goth concert, it was at times quite depressing.

This really goes on to something I'd been thinking about from time to time: That movies, music, books all manipulate your mood. You can use this to your advantage, as when you watch funny movies or lolcats to get better. It can also happen to you that you get a mood downshift by that important, but quite sad movie. Many people think that's not happening to them, they watch a lot of movies and think they're immune. But the manipulation just happens on a deeper level. With London After Midnight it was quite obvious. They set the tone and got you in a certain mood, both sad and thinking about important political things.

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