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29 October 2008

Limnos Panoramas

Those were the summer days...
Limnos island's capital Myrina seen from above

On this summer's vacation on Limnos, I took some pictures to be stitched together to panorama pictures. Finally here they are. Damn memories, where did the summer days go, I had a wonderful time there again. Limnos really is a special place.

The kastro of Myrina

The first few are of Myrina (the capital "city" of the island) and it's "kastro". As usual, click on the thumbs to see the bigger panorama pictures.

The gate of the castle of Myrina

This is the gate of the castle, as seen from above. It was really nice and green. There were also some clouds and we even had a bit of rain. Otherwise it was nice summer weather.

The old cinema in Myrina

Myrina is a nice, easy place. Sure it's one of the tourist spots on the island, but as the island all together doesn't have much of tourism to speak of, it's pretty calm. I like the atmosphere of this old cinema (out of action) and I like the 3d-feeling I get when looking at this pic.

The kavoiria on Limnos

There isn't much left in the pre-ancient (dunno how that's properly said" site of the Kavoiria. But one can feel that the site was built on a really special location. I like going there and I hope the picture catched some of the site's spirit. The guard explained that the temple was "stolen", people carried the stuff of for building material. That stopped only in the 1970s, when the archeological service finally showed some interest, he said.

Hephaestia theatre on Limnos

Hephaestia used to be the "second" city on Lemnos. Now it doesn't exist any more, except for the archeological site, tended to by the Italian archeological school in Athens. The theater is a mix of different periods and apparently a lot is reconstructed.

Prehistoric site of Poliohni on Limnos

Poliohni is something like the oldest city in Europe. It's a prehistoric site, going back to the bronze age... something like 5000 years old. It's also very impressive to see today. I like the place and its surroundings. (I cut the panorama for the thumbnail... click on it, it's much bigger.)

Agia Triada beach on Limnos, near Poliohni

After visiting Poliohni, we asked another guard there for a nice beach to go for a swim nearby. He recommended the "Agia Triada" beach, which is this jewel you see in the picture. Wonderful.

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