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07 November 2008

Gibson Quotes

Pure poetry

Rereading William Gibson's "All Tomorrow's Parties" here. Instead of a review (great book, list differences to the "Neuromancer" trilogy, ...), this morning in the bus I had the idea to post a few quotes, since Gibson's writing is often so condensed, it becomes pure poetry.

"I was dreaming of hell," he says.
"How was it?"
"An elevator, descending."
"Christ," says the voice, "this poetry is unlike you."

That's actually where the idea of this "quotes" post came from.

Here we have Fontaine, a guy who sells collectors watches (and other collectors items) in a small store on the repurposed golden gate bridge, who looks at some collector's commando knifes...

They spoke to him mainly, as did the window of any army surplus store, of male fear and powerlessness.

Here a character called Rydell tries to rent a room at a Bed and Breakfast:

"You have money?"
"A credit chip," Rydell said.
"Any contagious diseases?"
"Are you a drug abuser?"
"No," Rydell said.
"A drug dealer?"
"Smoke anything? Cigarettes, a pipe?"
"Are you a violent person?"
Rydell hesitated. "No."
"More to the point, have you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal saviour?"
"No," Rydell said, "I haven't."
"That's good," she said, turning down the propane ring. "That's one thing I can't tolerate. Raised by 'em."

You can read Tolkien giving you 16 verses of some Elves song, or you can have Gibson put a song into two short paragraphs:

And Creedmore sang about a train pulling out of a station, about the two lights on the back of it: how the blue light was his baby.

How the red light was his mind.

Like the chinese sumo kid in the "Bad Sector" store says:

"Thanks for the screwdriver," Chevette said. "I gotta go see a little black boy now."
"Really? What about?"
"A van," Chevette said.
"Girl," he said, raising his eyebrows, "you deep."

Gibson, you deep, man.

If you haven't read the book yet, or any of Gibson's (except for "The Difference Engine", which suxx), read them now.

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