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10 November 2008

Back from Sailing

The sea, the waves, the air, the wind

I'm tired. Most of my muscles are sore. My eyes got used to the wide horizons of the sea and the to the fresh air and salty atmosphere, they now rebel against dry, bad smelling office air back in Athens and having to stare at a monitor. When I close my eyes, the grounds still sways back and forth. I secretly practice making knots with some spare power cords I have hidden behind my desk.

In short: I was sailing again this weekend. Didn't take any pictures those days, but had a wonderful time. I learned a lot. On Saturday I was on the same boat as the last times, but due to material failures, that boat couldn't run on Sunday. I overheard a friend's conversation and hitched a ride on their boat.

Sunday's boat was much more a "racing" boat. Where the "Mango 3" cabin has white sofa's, nice wood finishing everywhere, a kitchen and two toilets, the "Mogwai" greets you with the bare inner side of the hull, some old upholstered benches around (so people can crash the night when a race has a sleepover) and not much else. "Mogwai" is also considerably smaller, so less room to move around other people, especially given that due to some setup it needs a relatively big team to operate well. (Sidenote: the "Mango 3" is a fast boat, no getting fooled there.)

But man did I learn a lot. First from looking at things from a different angle, then because Nikos (the friend who invited me over, even though it's not his boat) has a lot of love for teaching and gave me and the other newbie on board many lessons. We even practiced the timing on some maneuvers after the race was over, when we were heading for the port.

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