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11 November 2008

Favourite Uninformative Commit Messages

Say it all in a few words!

When committing to a Revision Control System, usually you have to enter a "commit message" that informs the other coders (and your own self in the future) in summary what you did to the code. Some people go into detail here, some give just a rough idea, also it might depend a lot on the nature of the changes. But then there are the "programmers" who do not feel the need to give away any information... if you want to find out what the code does, why don't you just look at it, after all? So here are some of my favorite uninformative commit messages (real life and more or less imagined)...

The last one reminds me of the people who write in their (python) docstrings only "see interface", making you jump to another file and hit another search just to find out what the method you're looking at is supposed to do.

Anyway, feel free to add your own in the comments!

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Re: Favourite Uninformative Commit Messages

May I add...

- Finished job


- Finished what i've being doing last weeks

(Which I found pretty useful) :D

Posted by: Wu at November 11,2008 16:53
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