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12 November 2008

Taxi Driver Thoughts

Where do you want to go?

Was at graffic's place yesterday evening, drove home in a taxi with my flatmate. We had a funny taxy driver, the talkative kind. He told us the story of his lifetime. How he actually isn't a taxi driver, just takes the shift for his friend who is in the hospital, in fact he's a truck driver, delivering flour for bakeries all over Athens. And in a few months he'll get his pension and he'll kiss Athens' ass good bye, go to Crete to live on his pension. ("27 years driving a truck, 8 years driving a coach, it's about enough!") How taxi driver is really the last shit job, it's like a jail (his words, not mine, no offence to any taxi drivers reading this), while in the truck you can get out, talk to people, move, see things.

Then, I'm listening to music now and thinking how it is, that people always try to find the own, current, personal situation in the lyrics. Even if it's just a line or two that reminds me of whatever pit I'm stuck in right now, it touches me. That taxi driver wasn't listening to music, he was the talkative kind.

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