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14 November 2008


Kim Wilde

A while back Panos had talked to me about Cambodia, a song from the 80s by Kim Wilde, which he got stuck in his head and on his music player. I remember hearing that song in a dressing room after a hockey match, the special drive and intensity it had. So I started to listen to it too, again. About a week ago I had a special listening experience with it.

You know, the building I work in is a bit run down. Our offices are fine, but step out and you're in this ugly stairway, with an elevator that was "renovated", but still looks not too trustful. It smells bad, because there are/were some cooked cables in the basement, due to the striptease joint on the ground floor shortening their electricals (yes, there's a striptease joint in the building). For some time there are some bulbs gone out, so I walk down the stairs in partial darkness (no, I'm not complaining, I like that part, besides, we're moving anyway). What does it all have to do with Kim Wilde's Cambodia?

One of those evenings, before I opened the office door to step out into the wild stairway, I put on my music player, hit play and walked, closing the door behind me. One swift motion there. Now Cambodia has a little delay in it, so at first I didn't hear anything, then - just as I started to descend the stairs in the darkness - that swiiiiiiiiiiirl of the song with those eighties electronic beats set in - I was flying through the night.

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