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17 November 2008

SOS: MacBook Pro don't like Mondays

dit dit dit - daw daw daw - dit dit dit

Came into the office this morning to find my work MacBook Pro with what looks like a hardware failure: It was running (in sleep mode) when I left it Friday evening, now it was off. When trying to boot it, it emitted three short beeps, three long beeps, three short beeps... SOS in morse code. All attempts to bring it back to life failed, various suggestions on the web end up with having to get the machine to Apple support. Fun, especially when you have a project on a tight deadline.

Also the hard disk should come out of the machine, as we don't want our internal code to travel all over Europe. The MacBook Pro's HD isn't "user replaceable" though, so we've got to muscle the "apple shop" here to do that before sending the machine in. Yeah, we're in Greece here, so no real Apple support. Lucky enough I've got backups of my work for the worst case.

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