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17 November 2008

Non Sequitur

A conclusion that does not follow the rain and the riot

Two things happened today in Athens: It rained and it is the 17th of November, day of annual demonstrations in memory of the Politehneion uprising against the military junta 35 years ago. The two things have only limited relation: It might happen that due to the rain there will be less trouble at the demonstrations, everybody's mood cooled down a bit and tear gas probably not working that well. But given information out of context, one could come to interesting non-conclusions, as in when Wu heard me describe part of my way home. His reaction:

< Wu> what?
< Wu> in greece riot police go into the street when raining?

My way home was non-spectacular, despite arriving at the metro station closest to the imperialists foothold^W^Wamerican embassy and seeing a bit of the demonstration. Oh, and I got wet from the rain.

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Re: Non Sequitur

You forgot the funniest part:

Wu | dammed clouds, how they dare!


Posted by: Wu at November 18,2008 10:12
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