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16 December 2008

Athens Protests Information

Some good writeups, but not by me

Some people have written very well and very well thought articles about the riots and protests here in Athens, that were sparked by the murder of a 15 year old boy by a policeman. Myself I'm in no writing spirit currently, so I'll recommend some other stuff. In my last post I had already recommended The Dam Breaks from Bollybutton. Now she has added an account of her own visit to Athens' burnt center, titled Sights and Sounds of Athens.

Then we have Panagiotis article about some of the psychological backgrounds, both of the policeman with the nickname "Rambo" and of the society of parents: St. Nikolaos Night: No regrets.

There are probably a lot more. Thoughtful pieces by people who informed themselves, double checked their sources and their conscience.

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Re: Athens Protests Information

Let me point out: very half thought articles.

Nobody wants to talk about the point: "are we doing the right thing?". Shielded by the death of a boy, it seems that everything is possible and plausible.

And old guy said that we should put a mirror in front of ourselves if we want to find someone guilty. And do not point out how bad are "the others".

I guess he was right. We're doing what we hate. But because we don't do it to ourselves, we live happily. I'll put it in the right way: I'm talking about what I believe someone did wrong, but I do not write about what I did, do and will do wrong.

Now we have the "Rambo"s in the streets, or at least they try. And we continue feeding the anger of the ones we consider "bad".

+1 for our/my problem solving capabilities.

Posted by: graffic at December 18,2008 10:05
Re: Athens Protests Information

graffic, for once I'd prefer if you'd comment on the respective articles.

Just one thing: When last summer after the fires we went with 15000 people and closed Syntagma in protest... multiple times... what did happen? Nothing. Maybe it needs a bit more than that.

Posted by: betabug at December 18,2008 10:15
Re: Athens Protests Information

Ups! I'm sorry.

My comment wasn't intended as a direct response for these posts. Where I could I posted my opinion.

As I was reading other opinions these days, and after (re) reading your links, I realised about the general idea I posted here. My apologies if it wasn't the right place.

I remember the fires. I remember the red sky. I remember almost every Greek talking about it. I remember elections months later. I remember the results. Everything was forgotten in the voting booth.

Perhaps this last paragraph can be used to start another post :)

Posted by: graffic at December 20,2008 17:53
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