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22 April 2005

Some Links for Searching and Greek

These might come in handy

Although this is not a "link blog", here are some references I found while fooling around with splitters for ZCTextIndex.

This is somehow the same problem I'm trying to solve, someone who wants to search using ZCTextIndex and Unicode characters:
Here are some greeks who want to search in iso-8859-7, an old entry into the Zope Collector:

(I'd suggest switching to UTF-8 and using something like the splitter I made with ZCTextIndex.)

The chapter about searching and indexes in Zope:
Unicode character table:
Had to do this on my source file to stop a warning (because python wants to know about unicode characters in source files):
This should really resolve all these issues and provide for better search functionality:

(I could not find any documentation about e.g. the supported languages on the TextIndexNG site, and I would have to change COREBlog, so I gave up on this for the moment.)

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Searching ZCTextIndex in Greek, properly

A long time ago I had made my own Greek Unicode splitter for ZCTextIndex. That worked fine, but
it didn't take the pronunciation marks into consideration (so searching for
"ελληνικα" didn't find "ελληνικά"). Today I found through the greek plone

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