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13 January 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

or rather: back home

So I'm (as of yesterday evening) back in Athens, now back in the office. Having a vacation and traveling was very nice. I caught an endless cold (still sniffing, coughing and running around with a scarp) but still I managed to see some really nice places in the Bretagne and enjoy some really good food. Breton gallettes and crêpes rock! I hit on a streak of very un-breton weather. Practically no rain, days and days of sunshine and very cold weather. Nice to look at (everything looks nicer with a bit of sunshine), but with the wind sometimes very cold.

Now in Athens the weather is warmer, but I'm still dressing up thicker than appropriate. Have to drive out that cold somehow. I didn't feel much of a "culture shock" either going to France or coming back to Greece. Now I've got to catch up on answering mails, get to speed at work and see friends.

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