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16 January 2009

Camera Shopping

Anti-materialist materialism

During my vacation my wonderful Samsung Digimax Cyber 530 broke down. The camera has one of those zoom lenses that get extruded from the camera body by a little motor. The mechanism had already been stuck some months ago, back then a little push had fixed things. Now in the Bretagne it was probably just a tiny little bit too cold for the mechanism. It's stuck for good it seems and this kind of "cheap" digital object is hard to get repaired.

So, I'm looking around for a replacement. Something a little bit more robust would be nice. Without a protruding lens, even if that means a little bit less optical quality. Basically there are two "rough" compact cameras around: The Olympus line (currently at the Olympus Mju 1050 SW) and the Pentax line (right now at the Pentax Optio W60). I've looked at the Olympus in a shop and in reviews, didn't like it too much. I'll probably go for the Pentax.

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