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27 January 2009

e-shopped Camera

New toy arrived this morning
Pentax Optio W60, waterproof compact camera.

Yesterday I had finally kicked my own butt, finished deciding on my camera shopping decision, taken the plunge and ordered a new camera. I still miss the old camera. I do know that the new one is not perfect, I will discover its good and bad sides.

I've ordered the camera at, a Greek web shop with a little twist: Since package delivery is not the most reliable of all things in Greece, you can order online and pick up the goods at their "outlets". And since not everybody has a credit card (or wants to use it that much) you can pay cash.

So, yesterday I ordered a Pentax Optia W60, a waterproof point+shoot camera. It's a tough little badass camera, but it does not have manual exposure control - snif. I'll have to learn to live with that. Probably will post more about the camera itself some day.

The funny thing with was that they listed the availability as 1-2 days, but managed to have the thing ready for pickup in the local outlet in 1 day (actually less, but I was already in the bus when I got the SMS that I could pick up my stuff). Nice. Picked the thing up this morning, took this pic with the Nokia e71 phone... total toy rush here.

They also have an online order tracking page, where you can follow how the order is processed in stages like "checking address data", "assembling order", etc. with date and time on each. I must have clicked on that poor web application a thousand times, just for fun and to see if those guys were having their coffee or what or finally finishing my order?! ahem.

Looks like they start late in the morning and rush to finish before lunch... or else they did have other orders to fulfill along with mine:

Following order progress at

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