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25 April 2005

The Living Sea

A visit to a planetarium / IMAX cinema
Old style optical planetarium projector

This weekend I visited a digital planetarium / IMAX cinema. The film shown was "living sea". Was the first time for me, it was quite impressive. Since the projection covers a lot of your field of view, in some scenes it gets quite "real". Like when the camera was in the front part of this rescue boat that was going in a full storm. When it goes through the wave and the water splashes all over, you grab the handle of your seat.

What worked best for the "real" effect were the scenes where they managed to involve the camera in motion between objects. Like when they had it on a speedboat between some small islands. Some of the steadier shots were nice too, like some of the ocean scenes. But when you have to turn your head to see it all, the effect gets kind of lost.

Outside in the hall was an old projector for the old school kind of planetarium. I would have liked to see that kind of show too. Maybe another time. The planetarium is in Syggrou street, near the hospital "Onassio" (Website is in Greek only.).

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