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16 February 2009

IRC and Bluetooth Keyboard on e71

Take that, iPhone! (... or "another lame mobile phone post")
Nokia e71 paired with an Apple Bluetooth keyboard

Before I got my phone I was considering getting an iPhone. I had played around with friends' iPhones and wasn't really that impressed, so I searched around and finally got what I got, this Nokia e71 thing. Now the more I hack around on it, the better I seem to like it. Last week I went looking for an IRC client. The first I found was phIRC, which stated that it's beta and apparently just a fun project that didn't go much anywhere. It connected and somehow "worked", but really didn't work. Next I found mIRGGI. mIRGGI appears to be a fun project too, but it's polished, it works, it has a well thought out user interface that is a joy to use.

Now the nice thing about IRC is that the data volume is incredibly low, there really isn't much overhead to the text you're reading and writing. That means it's very nice to use even over a limited data plan, for when I have no wifi network around. Have to wait somewhere half an hour for the bus? Go and chat a while with the homies on IRC!

Besides, Symbian powered phones do multitasking (in difference to the iPhone), which means that you can chat, listen to the radio, take a phone call, and look up something on the web at the same time. Beats me why the iPhone, which is based on a Unix based OS, doesn't do background processes.

While I'm bashing the iPhone: Right after I got IRC to work, I went and fetched the Apple Bluetooth keyboard we have in the office. I had tried once to hook it up to my phone but had no luck. A few days ago though, I had spotted a little "Wlss. keybd" application with a bluetooth icon on my phone. This time I tried to pair the keyboard using this application and it worked in no time at all! The app lead me through the setup: Enter a code on the keyboard, enter same code on the phone, again on the keyboard... done.

Clickety-click, typing on the real keyboard, text appears on phone. Next step: search the web for iPhone and bluetooth keyboard pairing... all you'll find is people frantically looking for it, but no solutions, it just doesn't work.

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Re: IRC and Bluetooth Keyboard on e71

The best review on E71 i've ever seen. thx

Posted by: presima at June 19,2009 07:31
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